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Efficient, Educative and Transparent

Reach New Audiences

Tell Unique Stories

Increase Your Sales

I help you grow smartly by connecting with your potential clients online, in the right place at the right time.

I dedicate myself to knowing and understanding your users. I learn what their interests are, their needs and what questions they have so that when your perfect client begins their search, your business is the first answer they find.







"Solange and her team are amazing. The communication was excellent, the knowledge is priceless and I have loved working with her and her team. Thank you!!!"


—  Dana Maxwell, Owner





Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. I create highly personalized campaigns and funnels to interact with new customers and retain existing ones, increasing your sales and retention rate.


SEO is not just about adding keywords to the website but about providing users with really valuable and relevant content. In addition to dedicating myself to increasing the ranking of your site, I focus on attracting relevant traffic to your business to increase your conversion rates.



To successfully advertise online you have to know your audience. You need to identify what it takes to get their attention and what channels they spend their time on. If your campaigns are on autopilot and you don't know how to continue or if you are not clear on what their performance is, don't worry, you're not alone. Contact me to help you optimize and grow your campaigns



Social media has changed the way we communicate and interact with brands. Reaching users and capturing their attention is an art that requires a carefully planned strategy. Social networks can help you, not only to attract new customers but also to nurture the relationship with your existing customers by generating brand loyalty.



Content Marketing is the fundamental pillar of Inbound Marketing. Connecting with users by presenting them with the answer or solution they are looking for at that same moment is the best strategy to increase conversions and revenue. It is no longer about interrupting the user with advertising, but about inserting yourself naturally into their daily online activities. I help you define the appropriate strategy and generate the best content to increase the reach and impact of your brand.



It's important for every company to understand the foundation and hypothesis behind its digital strategy, how to interpret results and look for optimization opportunities. My consulting service is oriented to educate the client about the different aspects of digital marketing, how to think strategies, understand and know the audience, and learn the basics about the different technological tools so that they can not only make informed and assertive decisions but also, to be able to develop or participate in their own marketing actions.





I help companies broaden their perspective, discover new strategies and dare to challenge the digital world. I have managed over 150 projects from different industries and collaborated with clients from all over the world, including Australia, England, Germany, Israel, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and USA among others.

Through my years of experience, I have learned that while each marketing channel has its own advantages, a marketing campaign works best when all channels work together in an integrated and strategic way. That is why I plan, develop, implement and manage comprehensive and tailor-made digital marketing strategies. Each business is unique and there is no general formula or strategy that applies to all businesses. Working together we will develop the most appropriate strategy according to your needs, expectations, and goals.




Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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